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About Me

I am a software engineer with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Riverside. I am currently a Blockchain Engineer on the Hycon project.
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["Adventurer", "Artist", "Coffee Enthusiast", "Computer Science", "Shameless Foodie"]
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[("Comfortable with:", ["C++", "C", "Multithreading", "Git"]),
("Experienced with:", ["Python", "Rust", "Typescript", "JavaScript"])]
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[("Digital Art:", ["Adobe Photoshop", "Adobe Illustrator"]),
("Traditional Art:", ["Chinese Calligraphy", "Pencil", "Pastel", "Canvas"])]
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["Technical Product R&D", "IT Management", "Software Architecturing"]
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[["English", "native proficiency"], ["Mandarin","professional working proficiency"]]
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University of California - Riverside

Computer Science, B.S.
Relevant Coursework:
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Principles of Software Development
  • Discrete Structures

  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Networks & Databases
  • Technical Entrepreneurship
#c/c++ #python #git

Graduated June 2017

UCR - Parallel Programming Research

Undergraduate Research Student
  • Studied Object-Oriented / RAII C++14, debugging tools like GDB and valgrind, and STL threads, barriers, and locks.
  • Implemented and analyzed and efficient Sudoku solving algorithm via thread management and data sharing methods, with observable speedups between 2.42x and 45.04x.
#c++ #multithreading #research

Apr '16 - Jul '17


Kidsloop Co., Ltd.

Senior Creative Technologist
  • Provides vision and direction for the Kidsloop Ecosystem products and takes on-the-ground ownership for projects
  • Drives creative and holistic thinking at scale across diverse product releases, platforms, and devices
  • Advocates the role of UX design across the organization and make user experience design recommendations based on usability & accessibility standards and industry best-practices
#webtechnologies #mobile #web_app #html/css #react #typescript #accessibility #webdesign #software_engineer

Sept '19 - Current

Hycon Project - Glosfer Co. Ltd.

Blockchain Research Engineer
  • Worked on the Hycon blockchain and designed multiple projects and applications to expand its usability.
  • Created documentation and web pages to increase the public identity and discovery of the Hycon blockchain.
  • Led design and development on Hycon Pocket, a cross- platform mobile app built on Cordova and React.
#chrome #android #ios #html/css #mobile_app #webdesign #software_engineer

Apr '18 - Aug '19

American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc.

Remote IT Manager
  • Created cost-effective business forms and automation tools by using Microsoft Excel VBA.
  • Created promotional material by using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Trained and troubleshoot computer systems and network for employees and management.
#it_management #excel_vba #systems/networks #photoshop #webdesign

Jun '12 - Mar '18

Foodies App

Co-Founder / Web Designer
  • Managed concept-to-launch of a mobile application to provide a quick way for users to decide on nearby restaurant venues.
  • Helped manage @foodies_app Instagram page with 9.4k active followers and consistent growth.
  • Created webpage and marketing material to promote the app with 400+ active users.
#ios #html/css #mobile_app #webdesign #startup

May '17 - May '18

The Cabinet Commons

Small Business Owner
  • Created an e-commerce to help small cabinet-manufacturing companies in the City of Industry gain online exposure.
  • Developed a script that regularly crawls, compiles, and adjusts prices from competing vendors.
#python #selenium #scrapy #shopify #webdesign

May '17 - Dec '17

Starch Technologies

Co-Founder / Inventor
  • Invented a set of proprietary laptop designs and led a team of four in research and development.
  • Formalized and filed a utility patent with USPTO, currently patent-pending.
  • Established connections with business consultants and manufacturers at CES2017 and Startups for Innovators at UCR.
#inventor #solidworks #patent #technical_r&d #startup

May '15 - Aug '17

Start-ups for Innovators - UC Riverside EPIC

Team Leader
  • Learned about the skills and concepts of entrepreneurship from teaching team, mentors, and industry expects.
  • Conduct market and competitor research with a target customer segment to understand customer expectations and product roadmaps.
#entrepreneurship #technical_r&d #startup

May '15 - Aug '17

"Experiencing everything the world has to offer." - SHAWN LEE
Currently exploring the realm of: coffee, computer science, cooking, stocks & cryptocurrency, weightlifting
"I often forget that a day,
whether it be good
or bad,
is just a day,

and they will come,
and they will go,
and I will live through them all."

- d.c. (09.26.17)
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