Connect with other cultures through our adult language programs.



Enjoy learning from the comfort of your environment with our online classes.



Improve your writing and communicate effectively
with our editing and translation services.



Take your business to the international level with our customized business programs.



Raise a "Little Linguist" of your own!



Master the techniques to do well on any given language test.



Achieve the results you want with our personalized student programs.


Orange County's Premier Language Institute

We Create Experiences, Not Just Classes

Learning should be an engaging and enjoyable experience, not a dreaded chore. Our teachers seek to create an experience that you look forward to each week.

We Hire Personable & Engaging Teachers, Not Just Native Speakers

We are “notorious” for bothering our neighbors from the laughter from our classes. Seriously! We believe that creating a “connection” with our students is as important as the instruction itself. Many of our students take classes with us for years due to the bond our instructors are able to make with their students.

We Are A Community, Not Just A Place To Learn

And we are proud of the fact that our students and teachers alike  often become lifetime friends outside of class. We host social events  and parties to reinforce relationships and our pride in our learning  community.

Our Teachers Know The “Why”, Not Just The “What”

Anyone can tell you how to say something in their native language but a GREAT teacher is someone that can explain why something is said in a given language. Too often, language schools hire anyone whose sole prerequisite is being a native speaker. Not us! Ms. Dorsey insists on personally interviewing ALL teaching candidates because she alone knows all the questions that distinguish a good teacher from a great one!

Enhancing lives through

language & culture.

Our passionate teachers work with you to create a personalized program to get you speaking as quickly as possible. We teach the skills that are needed to succeed in any tasks you may undertake. Your success is our success.

Languages We Offer
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • ESL

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