Spectrum realizes that most adults have jobs, spouses, children, etc. and most importantly, LIVES! With all these responsibilities, there seems to be no time or energy left to take on the task of learning a language. Spectrum Language Specialists work with you to design personalized language programs to suit your level and desired knowledge. Our convenient programs are available on-site, in-home, or online, seven days per week. Contact us for class schedules!

Still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Spectrum invites educators and/or social groups to CREATE-A-CLASS! Our “C-A-C” program is the ideal solution for educators looking for a classroom, and individuals or small groups of friends desiring a convenient way to learn a language and gain cultural knowledge. With C-A-C, students and teachers can meet when you want, where you want, as often as you want. Spectrum Languages handles the rest! CREATE-A-CLASS TODAY!

Short on time? Try our intensive weekend seminars. All you need is 6 other friends, family members or co-workers and 8 hours to focus on learning the language of your choice. You decide what you want to learn and one of our Spectrum Language Specialists will customize an intensive program for your group to learn in just one weekend.

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