Unlike tutoring centers, we focus our efforts solely on languages. This means that you will never receive a Math teacher in place of a Spanish teacher. Furthermore, languages are our passion and what we do best. While we pride ourselves on training all of our instructors, we believe that a personality cannot be taught. That is why we choose teachers that are personable and that can relate to the needs and personalities of their students.

Private tutoring is no longer seen as a last resort for struggling students. Rather, it can complement and in some cases compensate for the lack of personal attention available in a regular language class. Too often, students can do little more than conjugate verbs on paper after taking a language for several years. For this reason, one-on-one assistance is especially important for students and adults to have the opportunity to ask specific questions and more importantly, to practice SPEAKING!

More than any other subject material, a student’s language knowledge is the first information to be lost once students leave school for the summer and the hardest to re-acquire once students resume class in the Fall. It often takes the first several weeks in school to re-acquire the fluency and comfort zone in a language before a student is ready to go on and learn new material. In order to remedy this problem, Spectrum offers three different summer programs.

Wouldn’t it be great to start ahead in class rather than behind? Our Head Start Program allows students to not only maintain their current language knowledge, but also to get ahead by learning major concepts for the following level. It is also a great opportunity for students to get the speaking practice that is not available in larger classes during the year. This can be done one-on-one in at the location of the student’s choice or in small groups of students at the same language level.

Spectrum Languages Spanish Finals Review Sessions are our most popular Student Service. The review sessions are a 3 weekend breakdown of ALL the material that will be covered on any given Spanish final of any level 1-AP. The sessions are taught in small groups and are broken down into three parts based upon the material covered during the semester. Nadia Dorsey uses her years of Spanish Finals’ Review preparation and familiarity with the finals themselves to.

This program is for more advanced students who are comfortable with grammar and writing and want to actually be able to communicate well in the language. This is especially important for students who will be entering an A.P language class and preparing for the A.P. language test as they will be required to speak and understand the language. This program is offered individually and in small groups.

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